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(Video) Dionysus – Calling

To the ancient Greeks, Dionysus represented the dancing universe and ceaseless flow of energy that unites us with one another and all the universe. To touch Dionysus was to feel … Continue reading

May 22, 2017 · 70 Comments

Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers

Exhibitionism is commonly listed among the top-ten fantasies for men, women, and couples. It is certainly one of mine. Join me for a brief exploration as we expose the psychology behind this popular kink.

March 31, 2017 · 131 Comments

The Trace of Graces

I have a confession. I like the way big juicy grapes feel hanging heavily from my vine. Sorry, that was completely inappropriate. What I meant to say is that I’m … Continue reading

March 8, 2017 · 71 Comments

Love Is My Life’s Work

Hope you recognize me with clothes on. In recognition of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to say something to you. “You” being each woman that visits my blog … Continue reading

February 14, 2017 · 51 Comments

Dionysus – An Introduction

The ancient Greeks left us with spectacular architectural design, art, literature, and philosophy that still influence us some 2,500+ years later. But, what of their gods? Doesn’t it seem a … Continue reading

January 4, 2017 · 88 Comments

(Video) Archetypes – Calling to You

At a high level, this video is the story of my blog (about 30 posts so far) summarized in one video. The music is harder and more chaotic than I typically use in videos but it captures the emotion words alone often fail to convey. I also feature some newer digital art in this video. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

December 3, 2016 · 62 Comments

Leanna: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Leanna was a very special love. This story takes me to a time where I was battling the weighty decision of marriage as a 19 year old. Do I decide to marry my soul mate or embark on my journey to make love to the world?

November 20, 2016 · 71 Comments

Cock Cage: Achilles Last Stand

I look at this male chastity device (aka, cock cage) and am drawn to its inherent contrast. It is cold, hard steel designed to cage hot, soft male flesh It … Continue reading

November 5, 2016 · 79 Comments

San Francisco

Art can speak to each of us as individuals in different ways. At times, it can speak to many of us in similar ways. When this happens, art has the potential to tap into and release our collective unconsciousness into the world as a movement. The Summer of Love is one example.

October 25, 2016 · 63 Comments

Digital Art: Brave Ulysses (Mermaid)

“You see a girl’s brown body dancing through the turquoise, and her footprints make you follow where the sky loves the sea. When your fingers find her, she drowns you in her body, carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind.” ~ Eric Clapton and Martin Sharp

September 1, 2016 · 52 Comments

Cognitive Dissonance: Hestia vs. Aphrodite

Exploring the archetypal influence of Hestia and Aphrodite on men and women and the resulting potential for cognitive dissonance within each of us and our relationships.

August 20, 2016 · 49 Comments

Dawn of Understanding

A continuation of my journey for deeper understanding. We can learn a lot about ourselves through our reaction to art. I reference the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a point for reflection on psyche, MBTI, and archetypes.

March 13, 2016 · 66 Comments

Video: Under The Milky Way

The floating vocals, dreamy lyrics, and hypnotic tempo of Under The Milky Way stroke my soul. This images drifting through this video represent a visual exploration of themes explored on Cream of the Planet.

January 31, 2016 · 20 Comments


We are all on a heroic journey, and every journey has its origin. This is mine. In this post I explore a childhood event through the concepts of shadows and persona.

January 10, 2016 · 43 Comments

Romantic Love: Hearts on Fire

When it comes to love, this may be the most significant post I ever make. Explore the constructs of Romantic Love, Anima/Animus, and how they influence our relationships.

January 4, 2016 · 80 Comments

American Gigolo

“Hi Michael, I’ve fantasizing about something and I need you to satisfy my curiosity. Have you ever measured your cock? Length and circumference? As you know, Roman has a fantasy of watching me with another man and I am considering the possibility if you would be interested. So…think about it.” ~ Jenna

December 13, 2015 · 15 Comments

Seven Forms of Love: What Is Ideal Love?

What is love? This post briefly explores the seven forms of love though the “Triangle of Love” theory. By understanding the “forms” we are able to see and anticipate the progression of love though different stages.

December 12, 2015 · 13 Comments
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