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(Audio) Press Play: Again…Again

Audio clip, 3:00 mins. She wore the sexy knee-high boots as requested. She posed as I snapped dozens of photos. Then I spanked her perfect ass and fucked her into submission.

December 19, 2015 · 59 Comments

Pink Submission

Exploring my feelings, themes, and recreating memories through digital art. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

December 16, 2015 · 11 Comments

American Gigolo

“Hi Michael, I’ve fantasizing about something and I need you to satisfy my curiosity. Have you ever measured your cock? Length and circumference? As you know, Roman has a fantasy of watching me with another man and I am considering the possibility if you would be interested. So…think about it.” ~ Jenna

December 13, 2015 · 15 Comments

Seven Forms of Love: What Is Ideal Love?

What is love? This post briefly explores the seven forms of love though the “Triangle of Love” theory. By understanding the “forms” we are able to see and anticipate the progression of love though different stages.

December 12, 2015 · 13 Comments

Keisha – A Massage Therapist’s Seduction (Conclusion)

Keisha’s first massage left me with a great deal of anticipation. The second appointment would not disappoint.

December 11, 2015 · 33 Comments

Mountain of Dreams

In my eyes and through all my senses, you embody all that is beautiful and deep in this world. I realize now that I have been making love to you my entire life. I recently returned to the place I first felt your presence. You were with me there…just as you have always been.

December 10, 2015 · 27 Comments

Cuckolding – A Brief Introduction

Playing in the cuckold space is one of my favorite sexual fantasies. Whether I am the Cuckold or the Alpha Male (man assisting in the cuckolding of another man), the erotic layers of this fantasy fascinate me. This post is brief introduction to cuckolding.

December 6, 2015 · 51 Comments

Keisha – A Massage Therapist’s Seduction (Part I)

Part I of II. Keisha is a beautiful, African-American, pregnant massage therapist that left me with one of my favorite spa adventure memories. How will she respond to my playfulness on the massage table?

December 5, 2015 · 36 Comments
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